Alpha & Omega Omegaverse – 2018 – 2019 – Part 1


 Alpha & Omega  2018 – 2019 mangas

Alpha and Omega are two important characters in omegaverse. The most intense and tough relationships in omegaverse happened between they.

Takane no Hana wa, Chirasa Retai

Alpha & Omega Omegaverse - 2018 - 2019 - Part 1
Alpha & Omega Omegaverse – 2018 – 2019 – Part 1

Author: Sakyo Aya

Hana Yukishita, a 26-year-old teenager working at a café.Although known as Alpha because of its happy personality, he’s actually an Omega.

Renjaku a floral artist with a bad personality , an arrogant Alpha who look down on others.

But fate has plans for the two!

In spite of the defects that Renjaku has, Hana loves him.

Although Hana is 26 years old, he has not yet passed the first heat as an omega. That until the night he passed through Renjaku’s flower studio. Influenced by pheromones, the two spend a wild night together.

Will that night be just a one night stand or will it become something pure and happy?

Suterare Omega wa Futatabi Naku – Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega Omegaverse - 2018 - 2019 - Part 1 - Suterare Omega wa Futatabi NakuAuthor: Juugorou ISAKA

A manga about two victims of a selfish Alpha named Takane.

Kyouichi an Omega and one of many people used and discarded by Takane. After the unhappy relationship with this Alpha, Kyouichi dedicated his  life to another person abandoned by Takane: his young son Neon.

Even though Neon and Kyouichi  lived as the father and son adopted,Neon’s Alpha nature will break this relationship. At the age of 16 Neon reacts to the omega pheromones spread by Kyouichi and their relationship changed forever.

Seku Tsuga

Author: Satomaru Mami

Hikari an Omega who works as a host in a nightclub and cares only about money.

Seiroudou Dan a customer at the bar where Hikari works, and who asks him a favor.

Hirota the boss of Seikoudou Dan and a frequently client at the nightclub.

Becauthat se Hirota will leave the job, Seiroudou Dan wants to give him a good giftis .

The favor that he wants that Hikari do is: That Hikari should give to his boss a card with a farewell message.Because nothing strange in this desire, Hikari accepts.

For deciding what they would write, the two concerted to go to the place where Seiroudou lives. Although they only drank a beer, they unexpectedly cause each other’s heat. In the aftermath of the events, the two will spend a night of hard sex, in which Seiroudou it marks Hikari’s neck. The next day, though he remembers vaguely the night spent, Seiroudou asks Omega to become his husband.

How will the events evolve and what answer will Hikari give to Dan’s question will we found during the manga!

Restless : Alpha & Omega Manga

Author:  Ho Ben

Gyojin an Omega who does not trust Alphas at all, and despises the society that only favors Alphas. Gyojin because he’s Omega had a lot of problems during his school life, which why he not finish the university. İnasmuch as of the lack of studies and that it Omega, Gyojin hardly found a job.For Gyojin’s misfortune :his superior at work, is none other than Hyeono.

This was a former middle class ,classmate who was assaulted because of a misunderstanding that involved him. Although Hyeono seems to be avenging for the past event, Gyojin can not leave his job so heavily received.But to the astonishment of the young Omega, he finds that his former colleague is also an Alpha.

In order to keep his job Gyojin will engage in sexual intercourse with Hyeono. For his surprise, his superior does not have the arrogance of Alpha but even is very protective in regard to Gyojin.

How will progress  the relationship between a suspicious Omega and an Alpha whu’s lack of arrogance and prejudice towards Omegas?

Ijiwaru na Tsukai no Netsu ni Oborete

Author: Sakuraba Yurin

Akito Kisaragi an Omega abandoned by his mother at a young age, works as prostitute. In a world where Omega species are considered a lowland kind, Akito is forced to sell his body to earn his living.

Akito’s life change out on the night he is kidnapped by a group of human traffickers.

After being kidnapped, he is auctioned out. For a big auction price, traffickers injected to Akito afrodisiac to release pheromones. Due to the pungent odor of Akito pheromones it is sold at a huge price of 3 million.

The new master Reiji Asahina, a wealthy Alpha, young owner of  Asahina Group’s. Akito was chosen due well-known high fertility of the Kisaragi family. Reiji did not buy Akito as a slave or pet, the reason :  he wants Akito to give birth to his child!

In the Cage

Author:  Sanayuki Satou

Un triunghi de dragoste intrigantă între două Alpha și o Omega.

Haru Mochizuki because he was Omega in childhood suffer many difficult moments. But his loneliness ends when he met the Alpha brothers: Renji and Eiji Ichijou. They both promised to take and protect him. Renji believes that he and Haru are a fated pair, promising to take him on a partner when they become adults.

But over the years Reji disappeared and Haru began a relationship with Eiji. Yet Eiji, being an elite family, engaged to marry,what makes Haru fall second place in Eiji’s life.

And as if he had not had enough trouble, Renji’s older brother Eiji and Haru’s first love returned.

Katsubou Animajemera

Author: AION Kiu

A story about an Alpha full of remorse.

Hijiri Kaisei an Alpha with a traumatized past. And here comes the interesting story: He is traumatized because when he was young he  lost control and violated an Omega. Not in many Yaoi Mangas and much less in Omegaverse, we can see a traumatized “seme”  by way of forced someone to have sex.

Whatever,because of the trauma, Hijiri Kaisei is not approaching the Omegas. But his incompetence will end when his sempai fools him into an omega brothel. Here Hijiri meets Ryuji who is surprisingly different from the other omega Kaisei encountered in the past. Ryuji is a muscular build omega who loves sex and wants to help Kaisei overcome his trauma.

How ? Having sex !!

Love Is An Illusion

Creator: Fargo

Huyesng Kim a 20-year-old boy who thought he’s Alpha until to first heat. But to his horror he found he’s actually a recessive Omega. During this difficult time, he meets singer ParDojink a rich Alpha who claims he hates Omegas.Despite the words, ParDojink musically inspired by Huyesng.The feelings that the singer have for the young omega seem not limited to inspiration, he even feels a strong desire to protect Huyesng Kim.

At the first heat, Dojink helps Huyesng, but after them they tries to deny the attraction that they feel about each other.But their mutual hunger drives them into each other’s arms in spite of themselves.

But physical proximity will have a surprising result that will change their lives.

Amaenbo Honey

Author : Tobidase Kevin

Miyama and Tsubame two friends since childhood even though they were part of different species. Miyama is an Alpha and Tsubame an Omega. Those two both good friends and rivals since they were babies . They compete each other for everything, and the loser has to do everything the winner wants.

Their extraordinary friendship will take another turn around, when Tsubame loses his medication. As an Omega, Tsubame supposed to always consume suppressive drugs. But on this day he lost his medication and went in heat and Miyama unable to suppress his hormones and violates him.

After the attack Tsubame wakes up at the hospital, watched by his friend who felt very guilty as a result of his behavior. Disgusted by his deeds Miyama decides to put the distance between them in order to make sure he never hurt Tsubame again.

But for Tsubame the lack of his friend and rival is the last thing he wants.

Kyou Kara Omega ni Narimashita.

Author : Maikio  Sachi

Kanade and Munechika have a strong friendship relationship since they were little children. Munechika an Alpha extremely protective to his friend.But Kanade’s feelings are different, he loves his neighbor and his childhood friend secretly.

Although their relationship goes well, Kanade become distant because he is a Beta (he thinks), has no romantically future with Munechika.In omegaverse, couples can be only : Alpha & Alpha, Alpha & Omega and Beta & Beta, is rarely a Beta & Alpha couple.

But despite Kanade’s belief that it is a Beta, suddenly becomes feverish and his body goes into heat, and near to ”help” him is none other than Munechika.

How will the relationship between the two now evolve as being aware that Kanade is actually an Omega?





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