Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees


Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees Yaoi Manga

Japanese :Tenshi no Sasayaki wa Akuma wo Otosu

By: Emu Soutome

Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees is actually a love story, and it is a love that continues even after death.
This mangada describes the relationship between Kei Hoshiuchi and Chihiro Kuroishi.
The story starts by introducing us into the world of angels and demons. According to this story after death people become angels or demons.

Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees Story

Kei Hoshiuch and Chihiro Kuroish die after a night of sex and Kei becomes a demon and Chihiro a angel.
Before they died, they were two colleagues working in the same company.

Chihiro helped Kei to work for 3 consecutive days to thank him Kei invites his friend to him to drink something together. But unfortunately, the two friends overnight will engage in sexual intercourse, leading to death.
After the death, the two will arrive n the other realm’s business district.
While Chihiro Kuroishi becomes demon Kei will become an angel (actually cupid).
The story of the two will begin when Chihiro loses the devil’s cat. Kuroishi to find the cat will have to accept Kei’s help.

Tenshi no Sasayaki wa Akuma wo Otosu
From now on manga will reveal a beautiful love story.

To recover the cat Chihiro will go for two hours in the world of people. In this world he knows you Kei’s last girlfriend.
If until now manga seems just an ordinary yaoi manga, when Chihiro meets Kei’s girlfriend, the usual story will become a romantic story.
More specifically, after meeting with that girl Kuroishi has remorse because having sex with Kei he died and the girl remained alone.
Kuro upset after that meeting will discuss this topic with Key. Following these discussions, Chihiro learns Key’s feelings.
Perhaps the most beautiful replica of the drama is: I did not intruduce you to those girls.I introduced my number one to those girls.
After Kei’s confession, the two of them will come in and spend a hot night together.


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