Drago Star Player ROMEO


Drago Star Player ROMEO

Japanese: DragoStarPlayer ROMEO

Author: Asia Watanabe

Drago Star Player ROMEO

Drago Star Player ROMEO -A new, powerful and erotic BL fantasy:

ROMEO is one of the new BL manga series. This session will take us to the world of “Lycan”

Human subpopulation,generations of engineered species have long lifespans and are basically imotal.Lycans have extent close to immortality compared to ordinary humans.

So it’s rare for them to live with humans for a long time.

Although trained as hunter,the genes tampered with and enhanced to adapt to the outer zone of fortified oxygen-rich woodlands,but there’re only men with genetic castration because of fear of proliferation and hunting priority.

İn order to constitute men’society ,prostitutes are olso only men.


The residence a forested community area around the citadel.

İnside the citadel Lycans deprived of oxygen their abilities limited to a certain degree,and in some cases they fall into forced sleep.

But one week before the full moon the cell’s capacity becomes active and almost invincible. At the same time ,they turn into a condition close to the estrus period,and because of that they sent out to the hunting ground at this time.

Lycan’s blood acts as a stimulant.

The effect of one’s own blood for another person blood is the same,but the blood of other people acts much faster.

After use the condition becomes the same as in the full moon. It’s necessary to take a (in the oral cavity)of the blood donor or his semen.That is,ıt refers to sex.

Since the Slayer sexually-elected people, the Lycans behind them are never disobeying. Practically, they full of power and type of blood,Alpha, and play a role as a man when they are in a sexual relationship.

Needless to say, they have perfect limbs for sex.

There is also a guy (Kyo) who plays the role of woman, but in this case it is quite laborious.

There is a system called mating, but if the age of people is over 100, the sexual impulse will gradually decrease.

People whose bodies fit well mark each other.

The one of Lycans is Kouyou, a male beast with very strong sex hormones.

Another Lycans character is hormone-led macho”Jade” acting like a male cat in heat. Jade helps Kouyou improve his sexual tension, but only to avoid problems with other men around him.

He does it as a ‘’medical service ‘’and engages only in prelude.


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