Dramatical murder


Dramatical Murder : a Japanese novel developed and published by Nitro and Chiral. This manga illustrated by Torao Asada, began serialization in the August 2012 issue of Enterbrain’s B’s-Log Comic magazine.

In the future, the virtual (cybernetic) battle game “Rhyme”; is incredibly popular among people. In these years, people have very useful computers called “Al”, alias “AllMates”. Aoba Seragaki is a young man who lives with his grandmother on the Midorijima island .

Aoba an young  man whith a ordinary life working at a store named “Heibon.” Unlike his friends, he does not participate to the game called “Rhyme,” nor adhere to any group. But, when rumors of the disappearance of some people spread on the island, Aoba himself must solve the mystery behind the island in order to preserve the ordinaryness of everyday life.




Dramatical murder Story

Some time in the future, the influential and powerful Toue Inc. bought the island of Midorijima, Japan, with the plans of building Platinum Jail—a luxurious utopian facility. In conclusion those who are lucky enough to call it home are the wealthiest citizens in the world.

Equipped with the latest cutting edge technology, Platinum Jail of course has gathered attention. On the other hand the islanders victims of forceful development in that case have no choice but to carry out their lives in in a place that is by no means prosperous.

Rib and Rhyme

Are the most common games played on the island. Rib an old school game in which gangs engage in turf wars against each other. While Rhyme a technologically advanced game wherein participants fight in a virtual reality.

For play Rhyme, you need an “All-Mate” (an AI that typically looks like a pet), and the match must mediated by an “Usui.”

Aoba Seragaki

Aoba Seragaki-yaoilover.com

İn the first place he lives on the island and works at a store named Junk Shop Heibon, hoping to live a simple life.

However, he drawn into the popular cyber game Rhyme with virtual world as well as the hand-to-hand combat Ribstiez game. In conclusion Aoba meets a diverse cast of characters who turn out to be more than what they seem and, depending on his choices, can either help or destroy them.

As he tries to overcome and understand all around him, including his own mysterious powers that influence people immensely just with his voice, all semblance of a peaceful life for Aoba ends.

Dramatical Murder Characters:

1) Aoba Seragaki voiced by Atsushi Kisaichi.

2)Ren Aoba’s allmate voiced by Ryota Takeuchi.

3)Koujaku Aoba’s childhood best friend,voiced by Hiroki Takahashi.

4)Noiz an information broker for Rhyme and the founder of the team Ruff Rabbit.Voiced by Satoshi Hino.

5)Mink the leader of the Rib team Scratch, a gang formed out of ex-convicts.Voiced by Kenichirou Matsuda.

6)Clear a mysterious young man who insists that Aoba is his “master”.Voiced by Masatomo Nakazawa.



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