From the Front-Line Base with Love


From the Front-Line Base with Love a love story between a cute doctor and the secondary commander of a military base.

Japanese: Zensen Kichi Kara Ai wo Komete
Author: Ichigo Satou

This a new romantic yaoi series. This novel written by Ichigo Satou, being popular, has been transformed into Manga.

Main Characters:

From the Front-Line Base

Caesar a secondary commander at the military base. And Louie,a doctor who worked at hospital in the capital,passionate by alchemy research. With intention to test his invention, he came to this military base. But after he’s departure,his boss publish Louie’s work as if it would be his. In other words Louie will find that his problems have begun.

From the Front-Line Base Story

From the Front-Line Base with Love-Caesar

İnitially Caesar,the beautiful,blue-eyed, second-hand blond commander, is particularly cold to Louie. In fact cute doctor does not understand Caesar’s behavior because he does’t behave like that to other comrades.
The secondary commander especially humiliates Louie, wondering what “crime” has done to be exiled to this military base.

Certainly in his opinion, the arrival of the cute doctor there may be due only to a punishment.
Suddenly story will take an unexpected turn. Instantly Caesar will receive an order from the head of the military base to oversee Louie.
With intention to protect the doctor, they will share the same bedroom.
In conclusion,the story between the blue-eyed blonde knight and the military doctor begins.

From the Front-Line Base with Love-Louie

Even if at first they have a lot of misunderstanding, during the story of the two, they will connect to a romantic relationship.
First part of the story is really good and interesting. The characters have all the necessary elements for a good yaoi story. We have a nice uke and a ”villain ”seme

However the development little strange of the manga, time to time too fast or too slow ; because of that,the story become sometimes bizarre.
Still ”From the Front-Line Base with Love” is a very romantic yaoi story.


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