Gravitation a yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Maki Murakami.

The main character Shuichi Shindou is a normal 18 year old boy.

Finishing up his senior year of high school hence wants to become Japan’s next big star

However,he wants to take his band Bad Luck to the top of the Japanese pop charts. Granted with his drive, talent, and satiny singing voice,he might have a chance.

One fateful night Shuichi is looking over lyrics for a song he’s writing, when his paper blown away by the wind ,and picked up by stranger.

The man dismisses Shuichi’s hard work as garbage, which hurts Shuichi deeply.

For this reason Shuichi determined to find Yuki.

As all the world’s a stage,and all the people merely players:fate throws a wrench in the form of a handsome stranger named Yuki, a romance writer with an attitude.

In effect they will begin a journey through society’s hurdles, frightening experiences, publicity interferences, and haunted pasts trying to keep them apart.

But,just the gravitation of fate and love will always pulls these lovers back together every time.

Notably first Gravitation was made into a two episode OVA series and then later remade into a 13 episode anime series.

Gravitation some how managed to pack the comedy, drama, romance, and music in equal spades without compromisg the strength of any one.

Even become popular enough that many non-BL lovers have enjoyed it for its other qualities.

Gravitation EX.


The story picks up directly after volume 12.

So as to heal wounds in the heart of Eiri Yuki, Shuichi, travels to New York to visit Yuki Kitagawa.

They discover that Yuki has left behind a young son and agree to take care of Yuki Kitazawa’s son, Riku.

A sequel to the series, Gravitation EX., started serialized in Japanese and English in the online magazine Web Comic Genz.


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