Himitsu wa Kiss de Abakareru


Himitsu wa Kiss de Abakareru – Kiss and Tell written by Anna Takamura

Reo, a popular guy with a high pride, has a secret he can not tell anyone. What he hides is that he can not get an erection anymore after a bad breakup. Although it tried to solve the problem by watching porn movies,none of them work.

Until that evening.

Kiss and Tell – Himitsu wa Kiss de Abakareru

Himitsu wa Kiss
Himitsu wa Kiss

During a drinking party which held by his university colleagues,plays the King’s game. According to the rules of the game he forced to French kiss with Saga, whom he despised most. In front of everyone ,Ryosuke’s language, unexpectedly skillful,takes the lead, moving deeply inside Leo’s mouth.

Reo, annoyed by the guy he hates, kissed him with skill in front of everyone, shocked by the fact that his body  starting to react.

Leo thought he had an erectile dysfunction, but it does not seem like that.

After kissing, Reo got annoyed, and left forgetting his phone.

Ryosuke when he goes to give him the phone,Reo realizes that he is the porn star he was watching. Ryosuke finds Reo’s problems and tells him that he will teach him how to treat his erection problem.

”first you need to stimulate your prostate gland”and so began their story.

After that night when he solved he’s problem, Ryosuke will use Reo when he wants to . If Reo tries to deny him,Saga blackmail him saying he will let everyone know about his illness.


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