Leopard Hakusho

Leopard Hakusho-yaoilover.com,#yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi
Leopard Hakusho-yaoilover.com,#yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi

Leopard Hakusho  a yaoi manga with three different story but which have the in common the place of beginning: Club Leopard. The main characters in this series are hosts to this club. The characters’ relationships will begin in this club.

Leopard White Paper

Japanese: Leopard Hakusho

Author: Yuzuha Ougi

Leopard Hakusho First story

Aya and businessman

1 Couple  : Shingyouji Tadatomo (President of Makou Corporation) and Hyoudou Aya (Host).

Aya (uke),a popular host known for its good looks and love for money. One day, a man named Shingyouji, with the right aura to be King, comes and says, “I’ll buy you, how much do you want?”

Aya accepts his proposal to accompany him for 24 hours provided he does’t have physical relationships.

What Aya needs to do this time is to play Shingyouji’s fiancée. He’s intimated that he has to dress a woman dress. Because his ugly behavior,Aya wants to get revenge.

As a result he will wear a recorder to blackmail Shingyouji.

After the party ends to gather more blackmail evidence, Aya invites Shingyouji to drink champagne together(hoping that he will get drunk).

To his surprise, Shingyouji seems to know Aya’s plan.To give him a lesson: he puts a drug in Aya’s drink. After drinking, he’ll have to have sex with him.

And from here will begin a story of money and body that leads to a relationship of hell.

Leopard Hakusho-Aya-and-businessman,yaoilover.com,#yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi

Generally speaking the story is nice: Singyouji did not know how to express his love for Aya than in a thick way, and Aya continued to resist the love he had for him. After misunderstandings and many sexual intercourse, two of them will confess their love.

Leopard Hakusho Second story

Rinka and Teacher

Rinka-and-Teacher-Leopard Hakusho ,yaoilover.com, #yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi
Rinka-and-Teacher-Leopard Hakusho ,yaoilover.com, #yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi

2 Couple Rinka (Highschool Student,Host) and Yakushiji Tomoru (Teacher):

Suou Rinka is the high-class host from Leopard Club.As a host he has sex with his customers for Money.

Rinka is the doctoral student who is so bored with sex that he has ED until he meets his new professor(Yakushiji). This guy is hopelessly in love with his former teacher

At the present time Yakushiji is a professor at the university where Rinka is studying .On the surface ,he’s quiet and boring but in reality he’s strong and violent.He have a affair with his old university professor,who does’t want to have a sentimental connection (yet) with Yakushiji.

When Rinka learns about Yakushiji’s relationship, he tries to warn him about this kind of relationship, but eventually they gets to fight. Both characters,good in the martial arts will be violent with one another.

Leopard-White-Paper-Rinka,,yaoilover.com, #yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi

Will the day come when Rinka’s sweet and innocent feelings of love sway Mr. Yakushiji’s seemingly cold heart…!

The second story was sad and sweet. The character of Rinka is cute but lonely. Sensei in the first,he look a bit grumpy, but on continued of the story he is becoming very romantic.

Leopard White Paper Third story

Hinako and Yakuza Boss

Hinako and Yakuza Boss-Leopard Hakusho ,yaoilover.com, #yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi
Hinako and Yakuza Boss-Leopard Hakusho ,yaoilover.com, #yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi

3 Couple: Yoshiwara Hinako and Amon.

Hinako is one of the dazzling hosts working at Leopard Club. When one of his clients (old yakuza) dies, he unexpectedly inherits a very large amount of money. From that moment, it will become a target for all mafia groups who want to take money back.

Hinako after inheriting this money will be kidnapped by Amon,President of Yakuza. Amon asks him the paper by which he renounces the inheritance.

Hinako refused to sign, and then Amon threatened him with death.But what Amon did not know is that Hinako for 15 years after losing his memory is not afraid of death.

Impressed by his courage and smile,in the face of the dead,Amon tells that from this moment Hiroko’s life and his body will belong to him. After this statement Amon kisses Hiroko,who lose consciousness during kiss.

Amon learns about Haruko’s phobia (of body fluids) and so begins their relationship. Amon will try to ‘’treat’’Hiroko.



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