Maou Uke BL Manga


Maou Uke BL is a collection of BL stories with a common character: Demon Lord.

This collection includes 6 headlines:

1) A Gentle Crime, Author: HONMA Pirupa

2) Massage Expert for Demon Lord, Author: SAKAMOTO Akira

3) Can not Defeat This Demon Lord, Author:

4) Long Time, Author: Kao

5) Meet the Demon Lord, Author: TAKAYOSHI Yuri

6) Demon Lord and His Wish, Author: HINO Youhe


Maou Uke BL first story:

A Gentle Crime

Human races and demons have been in conflict for a very long time. Tired of countless battles, Demon Lord wants to end this war.

With intention to this end, Demon Lord accepts the negotiation proposal, suggested by the human species, and goes to the castle where the Prince of Human lived.

In other words Demon Lord goes to the castle to negotiate peace.

But unfortunately the Prince had other plans,as a result organized a trap to capture and took him hostage.

In fact the prince’s plan is not kill Demon Lord but to love him.

To succeed in this plan,prince is drugging the demon lord and sexually abused him.

Lord Demon does not understand the prince’s behavior, but he will explain to Lord why he behaves like this.

Apparently the prince was pressured by his authoritative father, and had a lonely childhood.In this difficult time, the prince who’s play alone in the garden, meets the demon and fall in love with him.

Love that becomes an obsession,for which the prince sacrifices everything.Only to be able to be with Demon Lord, Human Prince will kill his own parents.

Maou Uke BL second story

Massage Expert for Demon Lord

Eventually, the long-standing war between Demon Lord & Holy Knight ended due to Slime.

The war between species (human and demonic) continues.

Demon Lord is tired of the struggle between him and the Holy Knight.

One evening he noticed a group of people trying to capture a Slime, which he would save.In conclusion to show gratitude to Demon Lord, Slime in the beginning will act as a demonic massage expert.But after massaging the demon, Slime turns into a human and engages in sexual intercourse with the demon.

Lord fall in love of Slime and name him Suu-San.During the struggle it will prove that Slime is the Holy Knight’s man.

After many problems, Demon Lord will save Slime, makes peace with Holy Knight and lived happily ever after, with Slime.

Maou Uke BL third story

Can’t Defeat This Demon Lord. I defeats the Demon Lord every night.

This story also tells the love of a Holy Knight and Demon Lord.After countless battles of demons, Holy Knight 2 will arrive at Holy Knight-1’s home.

Knight-2 enthusiastic, tells, Knight-1 that they will defeat the Demon Lord.What he( Holy Knight -2)

does not know is that Holy Knight no.1 loves Demon Lord.


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