My Fickle Jaguar Manga


My Fickle Jaguar-Kimagure na Jaguar (Yaoi) manga.

This is the story of a talented musician and a publisher of a musical magazine.

Sojun Shiina is a renowned guitarist who three years ago stopped playing.

Arata is also a former guitar player, but now he works as a publisher for a well-known music magazine.

My Fickle Jaguar- beginning of the story shows Shiina’s sudden return from abroad.

Shiina for three years since he stopped singing music behaves like a vagabond.

But love for Arata and having a childhood relationship with him makes him return from time to time in Japan to be with his lover.

Arata would like to stay with him and not to ride, at the same time he would like Shiina to start the music again.

My Fickle Jaguar- #yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi
My Fickle Jaguar- #yaoi,#BoysLove,#BL,#manga,#BoysLove,#smut,#hardyaoi,#newyaoi

The reason why made Shiina not play known only by the two lovers. Shiina has suddenly lost hearing in his right ear because of a disease

My Fickle Jaguar Manga

My Fickle Jaguar begins with the return of Shina. The love story between the two protagonists is beautiful with hot sex scenes.

The first chapter shows Shiina’s Behavior as a cat in heat, he returns to Arata to have sex.

Arata looks happy that Shiina has returned,but he wants him perform again  and to reunite the band that separated down after Shiina left.

In the second chapter of the story Shiina returns to music with a new band.

At the recording studio, listening to Shiina, Arata excited, being almost obsessed with his music. The debut of the band is successful,due to Shiina.

The unfolding of stories consists of a series of flash-backs.

The fourth part takes us in the past, showing us how the two protagonists how they knew each other.

Arata, a guitar passionate high school student takes lessons from a former guitarist now a priest at a temple .

Shinna is one of the priest son’s, and he does not show any interest in music.

But when he meets Arata, Shiina realizes he likes music and asks him to teach him to play guitar.

During the lessons Arata realize the talent of Shiina, and begins to doubt his talent. He uderstanded that he does not have the talent to play the guitar. He  relinquished music and becomes an editor.

This part of the manga is sweet-bitter, showing us on the one hand Shiina’s talent and Arata’s complex, and on the other hand, the infatuation of the story between the two.

The end of the My Fickle Jaguar is a bit disappointing, not at the level of the story

But still this manga a love story well done with many sex scenes,that are worth reading.


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