New Manga – Bizarre Beginnings


New Manga – Bizarre beginnings, in this article you can find two yaoi stories in which the protagonists’ relationship has a strange beginning.

New Manga Fırst story

Those Eyes Should Be Illegal

Japanese: Teme no Sono Me wa Hansoku Da

Author: Tomo Mitsuhashi

This is a new yaoi story, with more special content.

The main characters are: Reiji Kiryu and Akira, these friends from childhood reunite at college. Reiji Kiryu, the most talented student the school has ever seen and Akira, a self-admitting offender.

To give a lesson to his friend, Roji hypnotizes Akira in front of their friends. So long as, Akira is helpless to resist,Reiji brings him to ecstasy with one touch of his finger.

As Reiji’s hypnotism ascent, constantly, he tells Akira that he is gay and asks him to be “his woman”.

Akira usually resolves his problems by violence and hooliganism, but when he meet again with Roji becomes helpless. Because he even can not withstand Reiji’s eyes.

They share some passionate moments and at these moments Akira realizes that Reiji also has some cruel behavior.He is no longer just the friend he knew from his childhood.

New Manga – Second story

If the Shoe Fits

Japanese: Koi wo Hakaseru Saikou no Jouken

Author: RUNa

A story between a manager of a shoe store and a beautiful pair of legs!!
Yota is the manager of a women’s shoes shop. He creates his shoes with all passion, obsessed with finding the perfect pair of legs. Desperate in his search,Yota is about to give up, until one day he meets Chika. Chika, a part-timer at the shoe store, forced to try a pair of shoes, draws Yota’s attention. Chika, a part-timer at the shoe store, forced to try a pair of shoes, draws Yota’s attention(he is shocked by this wonderful pair of legs).

Yota tries to be rational,keeps telling himself that Chika’s a guy, and his admiration consists only of a temporal loss of judgment. But unfortunately he can not overcome his obsession. After several hours when Chika tries again a pair of shoes, Yota loses control and starts licking Chika’s legs.

It’s a hot,fluffy story, where we’ll find out if the feelings of the protagonists are purely physical, or it could be a romantic attraction.

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