Omega and Alpha- Omegaverse 2018-2019 Part 2


Omega and Alpha Omegaverse this list goes on with other mangas describing the stories of the two genres.

New Omega and Alpha- Omegaverse part -2

Kinai: Kemonohito Omegaverse

Author: Tomochi
The story of the heiress Prince Bard and Maya a albino captured prized as a rare and valuable the “Messenger of the Gods”. Maya an Omega albino bought as a slave by Bard’s father , the beast man king.

When brought to the kingdom, Maya shut down and removed from the rest of the community , although he  still a young child.

From small child, Bard was fascinated by Maya at first glance. Although he tried to meet again the little albino he did not manage to meet him until he already became young. For many years Maya been isolated,for that reason he not know even how to speak.

After they reunited, they became friends spending most of their time together in the hut where Maya is kept. But the beautiful friendship relationship between the two will eventually crash because of reactions of their natures. Maya being an Omega enters to the heat period, and Barn an Alpha involuntarily responds to pheromones and have sex with albino.

Will Barn be able to protect Maya, especially because he hurt him even unintentionally?

Kekkon Shite Kudasai!

Omega and Alpha- Omegaverse 2018-2019 Part 2
Kekkon Shite Kudasai Omega and Alpha

Sasaki Kairi, a young Omega who works as a marriage counselor. His job is to help people find their perfect love match.
Although he newly employed following a series of events he gets to advise a vip client. No matter how long Sasaki tries to avoid this task, he can not refuse Haruomi Jinguuji.
Haruomi a rich Alpha, son of the Jinguuji Group who, due to family pressure decided to marry.

The new mission is causing many problems to Sasaki, the vip client does not seem interested in any peers recommended by him.
But the new employee’s problems don’t end there, Haruomi seems to be interested in him, in fact proposing to marry him.
What will Sasaki do , when seems to not be indifferent to the handsome Alpha?

Bokura ga Tsugai Ni Naru Made

Author : GO Keryoku

Haruki Okino an Omega student with a agglomerate family. He has the determination to pass the walls raised by fate in front of him. The first and most important obstacle that he wants with fiercely to cross it is the one raised by society against him as Omega. The second obstacle in his life: to be the eldest brother in a family with eight children.

In order to have a better life, Okino studies a lot and works in countless jobs. As if he had not had enough trouble, he must avoid Reo Asahina, a Alpha colleague. It seems that Asahina’s greatest fun is to tease Okino.
So he does not come out in Okino’s way only to the school but appears in all the places where he works.

For a while, Okino was able to ignore his Alpha colleague. That until Okino don’t took the suppressing drugs in time and entered the heat. And,then Asahina was beside him. As the Alpha male he could not resist the smell of pheromones and attacked Okino. Against the fact that Okino desperately asked him to leave, Asahina had sex with him and not only that, during sex he scored it.

What will the two continue to do? Will Okino be forgotten and left alone or will they become a pair?

Omega and Alpha- Omegaverse part -2

Bite Maker: Ousama no Omega

Author : Miwako Sugiyama

Nobunaga a young man with exceptional looks, intelligence and special abilities due to Alpha genes. The Alpha genes produce people with exceptional qualities but in a very small proportion , appear only in one person in a hundred thousand.
Although his life seemed particularly good Nobunaga wanted a “turning point in destiny”. The change he wants, found in a Omega girl.
Will the two be able to become a pair? Can they overcome the prejudice of the society in which they live? Will Nobunaga be able to protect the Omega girl against the other Alpha males influenced by the pheromones released by her?

Mitsu ni Kiba

Author: Toujou Sakana

In the omegaverse world, all Alpha males want to find their lifelong mate.

Kazuha Ookami, a teenager who, although already in high school, still does not know what sex he is ( he thinks it’s Beta). But it seems that his dilemma with the genre is going to end when he meet Sachiyuki Nadame.
Sachiyuki is a high school colleague and at the same time known as a problematic Omega. Their first meeting at school and he sees Sachiyuki having sex with Kurogane another Alpha colleague.
Myth says that a problematic omega is like a honey trap that no Alpha can withstand.
This young man who lives in a lab at night, has cast out the claim to be Ookami’s fated pair. Although Ookami and others refuse to believe this, but Sachiyuki does not give up his opinion.
Is Ookami really an Alpha?This strange youngster who does sex in school can really be his mate?

Omega and Alpha

Ou-sama Alpha to Puppy Love

Author : Noichi Mikuro

Souchirou an Omega without any interest in sex or romance. Despite being an Omega, he wants to become rich and enter politics. Although most of Omega’s believe in the fated pair, Souchirou has no an intention to build a family. What prevents the young Omega from believing in the romance is that he has another problem: cleaning freak. Because of this obsession, Souchirou can’t even imagine a physical contact with anyone.

But destiny has other plans than Souchirou!

During a business trip, the young Omega forgets to take its suppressing drugs and he goes into heat. At that time,no matter how he tried to avoid contact with Alpha males,he met a handsome stranger with whom he lost his virginity. After a while Souchirou finds out that his lover in the one-night stand is a king.

Will they see each other again and what relationship will begin between an Alpha king and an independent Omega? Can Souchirou overcome his phobia? Will the two be a pair or all will be just one night’s adventure due to the pheromones?

Kamikon Kara, Hatsukoi

Author: Arinco

Rika an Omega who during high school was raped and bitten by an Alpha. Due to the fact that after the rape the Alpha male has disappeared, Rika has not sex for a long time. Now forced to endure painful warmth alone and without relief.

To avoid other problems when he entered college, he pretends to be Alpha.
But all his plans will crumble when he meets a familiar smell. Is it possible that Rika’s torture is over ?!

Juliet no Baka

Juliet no Baka-

Author: KOBAYASHI Smeagol

Ruka and Taisei a unusual couple. Ruka(Omega)marked by Taisei( Alpha), they only see each other when Ruka enters the heat. Even if they are a couple do not live together and are not involved in a romantic relationship. They just see each other in each month when omega is in heat.

Although they have mutual feelings, none of them are willing to confess. More than that, Ruka feels guilty of being a pair with Taisei,feeling inferior to him.

A painful love story of two that can’t be honest with their feelings and their relationship. Will Ruka and Tansei succeed in becoming a real couple who does not just have sex, will they finally express their love? Or is an another destiny for they?

Hanagara Tsumi

Hanagara Tsumi -Omega and Alpha- Omegaverse 2018-2019 Author : Tsuba Daeki

Shuu Shimotsuki a successful young Omega who works in fashion. The motive that led Shuu Shimotsuki to succeed in life was his hatred for Ayame Satsuki.

Ayame Satsuki, a member of the Alpha species who always annoyed Shimotsuki during high school. Shimotsuki’s high school life because of Alpha classmate became a nightmare which ended only at graduation.

Shimotsuki’s hatred due to Ayame made him study a lot at school. As a result of his studies, he could even enter an elite university.

When many years later Shimotsuki succeeded in overcoming the trauma of adolescence, he meets Ayame again. Shimotsuki’s problems begin anew: Ayame becomes his pair at work. And as if that was not bad enough, one evening after he getting drunk, he spent a passionate night in Ayame’s bed.

Now the two have to find out what their true feelings are: animosity or something special. Or are they a predestined couple !!


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