Omegaverse Alpha and Alpha Mangas


Omegaverse Alpha & Alpha Mangas are stories describing the relationships between a pair of two Alpha.

Omegaverse Alpha & Alpha

Alpha ga Alpha wo Idaku Houhou

Alt title: How To Do Sexual Intercourse Between Alphas.

Author: Tokishiba

Omegaverse Alpha and Alpha Mangas
Omegaverse Alpha and Alpha Mangas

Miyako, a young Alpha, joins a club and demands that the best two hosts be at her disposal all night.

The club he chose Miyako is a high-class club with only Alpha species.The hosts who will accompany Miyako are: Ruka Kitami (host no.1) and Leo Nanjo host number two.

What Miyako asks is : to watch the  hosts while  are having sex with each other.

After being sprayed with omega pheromon, they will start a wild night.

How will Miyako’s night and what relationship will have with the two hosts we will follow during the story.

Marry Me, Alpha – Omegaverse Alpha

Author: Chan

Artist: Rotten Green Tea

SeoWon an alpha recessive and a scholarship student forced to work in a bar at night to be able to pay for the debt he has.

HeeYeon also a student at the same university where SeoWon studies. Just as different from SeoWon, HeeYeon has no financial difficulties and is also very popular among students.

Although SeoWon trying to live an ordinary life, he involuntarily draws the attention of his colleague HeeYeon, a dominant alpha.Even though HeeYeon trying  to not have relationships with dominant Alpha one evening, he will fall into HeeYon’s trap:

HeeYon proposes to SeoWon to pay him for sex with him. Exasperated SeoWon, for give a lesson to the dominant Alpha ,and not knowing how rich he is, he wanted a large amount of money to be with him.But to his surprise, SeoWon will find that the amount requested was sent to his bank account.

From this moment the controversial relation between the two Alpha starts.

Alpha & Alpha

Okusama wa Alpha

Author: Fuyu Natsushita

An interesting story between two dominant Alpha. In the omegaverse world, the elite class is that of the Alpha species.In order to maintain the pure line, marriages are usually made between members of the Alpha species.

Under this rule Kazumasa and Takaomi Isaka become husbands.Although the marriage of the two are based on a convention between families, the two will be able to have romantic feelings for each other.

In fact, the cause of the marriages is that the Tachigami family’s a elite alpha family has fallen into bankruptcy.In order to help , Isaka family propose the marriage of their sons, Takaomi and Kazumasa.

Although it is a arranged marriage, everything seemed to go well. The only real problem among them is their sexual life – or lack thereof – because none of them is willing to obey to be uke in bed.

Even if they are in love, they do not agree on the sexual position!

Shiawase ni Michita Yoru no Niwa

Author: Rocky

Noah Wilsley a Alpha the heir of a large company. His parents : Beta and Alpha. Because his parents absolute wished to maintain the pure Alpha species, Noah interrupted the connection with the Omega species.

How will Noah’s story evolve when he meets Hajime Miyata at a party? Hajime, a male Alpha with whom Noah will begin a relationship.





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