Romance Manga


Romance Manga

Sarah’s Child

Artist : Takako Hashimoto
Original Novel : Linda Howard

Sarah has been enamored with Rome for an exceptionally significant time-frame, however her closest companion, Diane, wedded him. Sarah could never separate their marriage, so she’s constantly hushed up about her sentiments. Much after Rome lost Diane and their little youngsters in a mishap two years prior, all Sarah could do was watch over him as he throbbed. She realizes Rome’s affection despite everything has a place with his late spouse, however she can’t prevent herself from cherishing him regardless of whether she never admits to it. Nonetheless, one day when Sarah delicately holds him as he’s overpowered in distress, something inconspicuous changes…and they end up kissing!

Romance Manga

Legacy of Shame

Artist : JET
Original Novel : Diana Hamilton

From the minute she initially met Carlo, the child of a separated Italian family, the youthful Venetia persuaded: “This man the one I’m bound for!” However, a little misjudging savagely squashed those expectations. At that point, after six years, at her dad’s memorial service, she meets Carlo again…and can’t trust her ears. He needs to wed her to spare her dad’s bombing organization? In any case, he believes she’s wanton, and has only disdain for her…

New romance manga

The Greek’s Secret Son

Artist : Nami Akimoto
Original Novel : Julia James

The day of her partner ‘s memorial service, Christine reunites with her past sweetheart Anatole. He is her late spouse’s nephew and an effective CEO. Five years prior, Christine invested an illusory story with the beautiful Prince Charming and immediately succumbed to him…until he dumped her adage that he had no aim of getting connubial. In her depression, Christine discovered solace with Anatole’s uncle, Vasilis, and wedded him. Anatole considers Christine a gold digger who allured his uncle for his fortune, however there was really a mystery explanation for their marriage…

A Princess in Waiting

Artist : Ayumu Aso
Original Novel : Carol Grace
Series : Royally WedThe Missing Heir- 3

Lise the princess of the realm of Saint Michel until, upon the lord demise, she discovered that she was not of regal blood. At the point when the news turned out, her significant other separated from her. Quickly a while later, she proposed to by his twin sibling, Charles. Tired of cold relationships, she turned him down. In any case, will his consideration step by step relax her solidified heart?


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