Shoujo Romantic Manga


Shoujo Romantic Manga

Shoujo means the little girl. It is mostly depicted with love and romance in the head of little girls, with a weight on comedy.
So in many films, the topic is: a girl falls in love with the boy and then the nonsense she makes is told.
They are a kind of animated youth movie / TV series that they watch as much as boys.
It seems to appeal more to girls. Boys are handsome, girls cute love and romance are at the climax, but the main thing is comedy, and the plot is anime-friendly.

Who Made Me a Princess

Alt title: Suddenly Became A Princess One Day

The wonderful Athanasia  murdered because of her own dad, Claude de Alger Obelia, the relentless ruler! It’s only a senseless sleep time story… until one lady awakens to unexpectedly discover she become that sad princess!

She needs an arrangement to endure her bound destiny, and time running out. Will she go with Plan A, live as unobtrusively as conceivable secretly by the notorious ruler? Plan B, gather enough cash to get away from the royal residence? Or on the other hand will she  left with plan C, flattering her way into her dad’s acceptable graces?!

Yona of the Dawn
Alt title: Akatsuki no Yona

Princess Yona carried on with a glad existence with her tranquility cherishing father, King Il. Encompassed by mindful workers and secured by her keen mouthed protector, Hak, Yona’s just troubles in life were her boisterous red hair and attempting to persuade her dad to let her wed her cousin, Soo-wan.

At that point one day a disloyalty in the royal residence causes Yona to lose everything, transforming her into an outcast with nobody left however Hak to safeguard her. Yona resolved to get solid in her own privilege and annihilation the individuals who wronged her, and an antiquated legend including the Crimson Dragon King and his four Dragon Warriors might be her vital aspect for recovering her realm.

Shoujo Manga

the-reason-why-raeliana-ended-up-at-the-dukes-mansion-Shoujo Romantic Manga,#newmanga,#romance,#love,#lovetriangle,#lovemanga,#romancemanga,#popularmanga
the-reason-why-raeliana-ended-up-at-the-dukes-mansion-Shoujo Romantic Manga,#newmanga,#romance,#love,#lovetriangle,#lovemanga,#romancemanga,#popularmanga

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion
Alt title: Geunyeoga Gongjagjeolo Gaya Haessdeon Sajeong

Harmed to death by her own fiance?! Eunha didn’t wake up in a novel’s story just to get slaughtered off again as a disastrous extra! To change her story she needs a spread… a half year professing to be the phony life partner of the novel’s male hero, Duke Noah Wynknight. Be that as it may, will this merciless, holy messenger confronted evil presence of a man truly assist her with evading another disastrous closure?!


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