Suddenly Beginning Of Love


Suddenly Beginning Of Love in this list we find some mangas in which the two protagonists start their relationships unexpectedly. In the stories of this article the love relationship between the main characters, at first forced by the circumstances in which the persons are found.

Suddenly Beginning Of Love Fırst Manga

Suddenly Beginning Of

Lodgings and Lovesickness

Japanese :Magari no Otoko to Koi Wazurai
Author : Douyama
Ryota is a college student who, to spend her vacation, decides to go to his parents’ house in the countryside. But when Ryota gets to the house, he amazed to find that someone else lives there.
That man, Akira, a man who, due to problems he had in a relationship, decided to leave his service and move to the countryside.

Akira, who lived only in urban space: Tokyo. He has no no life skills and is completely inadequate for living in the village.
Worried about what might happen to his parents ‘house if only Akira stayed there, Ryota decided to live together in that house.
Afraid that Akira would destroy his parents’ house, Ryota offered to take care of the household if Akira would let them to live there during the summer vacation.
Everything seemed to go smoothly without a problem until one night when Akira confused Ryota with someone else and kissed him.
From that night the relationship between the two will change!

Suddenly Beginning Of Love Second Story

Trapped in an Elevator! -Two Hot Salarymen, Going Up!-

Japanese :Kankin Elevator Ikemen Riimen Ue ni Mairimasu

Trapped-in-an-Elevator-Suddenly Beginning Of

Author : Kurumi Otsuki

A funny story between two rival employees. Kanzaki and Kirita two employees in the opposite business sections were always rivals, they compete at everything! The relationship between the two is not good, but they will not go away when one day Kanzaki and Kirita will remain stuck in the elevator. And because the next day will be a vacation and no one will come to save the two could even die there.

With the possibility of not going out there, one of them says: “… but there is something I have to do before I die” and kisses his colleague on the lips. And one thing seems to lead to another and end up feeling comfortable with each other for a moment.
In fact, both have feelings, but none of them wants to be the first to confess.

Yuri Sensei Is in a Good Mood Today As Well

Japanese :Yuri Sensei wa Kyou mo Joukigen

Series : A Lovely Day with Yuri Sensei- 2 –

Suddenly Beginning Of Love-Yuri-Sensei-Is-in-a-Good-Mood-Today-As-Well.

Author : Keiko Kinoshita

Muguruma is a young publisher working for Sogendo Publishing. The writer that Muguruma is dealing with is none other than Yuri.He is a very popular writer but whose scandalous demands and reluctance to meet deadlines have become infamous for Sogendo Publishing.

But the problems created by Yuri are not just a professional level. Yuri tries to seduce Muguruma at the same time. What astonishes the young editor is that his feelings towards Yuri are beginning to change.
Does his feelings for Yuri go deeper than mere respect and admiration?
This manga has a good slow construction that made things feel better between the two main characters.

Suddenly Beginning Of Love last story:

Tokyo Boys Cinema

Japanese :Tokyo Shounen Cinema

Author : Miu Minami

A story between two friends from childhood.
Aoi a young man who started to make himself known in the showbiz. But the showbiz world is a place with lots of betrayal. Aoi’s manager hopes to make him break away from his boyfriend Ryo.

The manager does not support the relationship between the two friends and tries to persuade Aoi not to be together with Ryo.
Will the two friends be able to return to the friendship they had in their childhood? Or will the manager manage to make the two separate?



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