Universe : Omegaverse


Universe : Omegaverse

What is Universe : Omegaverse ?

What is Universe : Omegaverse

Omegaverse universe this purely fictional world, the sexes not divided into men and women but as Alpha, Omega and Beta.

The adventure of emergence for Omegaverse began with the Wolf hierarchy. According to the wolf ecosystem, they  divided into three main groups: Alpha, Beta and Omega.

The universe originally planned for werewolves,  continued to be integrated into humans.It is important to note that each author can add his / her own rules and have very variable rules.The most striking of these rules is that there is a universe in which men may remain pregnant.When mistakes have been made, and the wolf line begins to decline, by genetic intervention has created a new species in which males can also give birth to children.

What Are The Gender Mentioned in Universe : Omegaverse  ?

Alfpha Species

They are usually naturally talented, charismatic and powerful. Their most prominent characteristic is their high capacity to become a leader.They make up 2% of the  group. They have very attractive and masculine bodies.

They are regarded as the superior race in the Omegaverse universe. With pheromones (aura secreted from the body and a special smell) can control  Omega and Beta and can make them do what they want.

They are also weak against Omega pheromones. If they smell when an Omega enters an escalation period, they cannot suppress their sexual desire or are very difficult to suppress. In this period, they can go far enough,even recourse to violence.

What is Omega

It is the group that can become pregnant regardless of sex. They have smaller and more feminine body structures. They make up 10% of the gender group. Similar to women’s menstrual period, they go through a period called the Escalation Period. When he enters this period, he intensifies his pheromones.That  why they attract Alpha males whu are nearby.

After having sex with Alpha, Omega is most likely to become pregnant. Due to the escalation period, they are out of society and are subject to racism.

Therefore, once diagnosed as Omega, they are forced to live in careful environments.Their schools are separate and have to inform the state that they are Omega.They use “suppressive drugs” to suppress their sexual impulses in order not to be in danger during escalation.These drugs suppress the sexual desire of Omega and the secretion of pheromones during the escalation period, thus preventing unwanted accidents.

What is Beta gender?

It is 70% of the sex groups. The closest group of ordinary people. They can be and make other people pregnant . As for aspect, they are not as splendid as Alpha but are not as small and fragile as Omega. Their emotions are generally stable and tend to be peaceful. Their sexual desire is due to the emotional feelings they feel about their partners. They don’t have pheromone secretions or pheromone influences.

Marriage System between Alpha and Omega

We talked about the fact that during this time, Alpha males are weak against Omega females because of pheromones.During sex, if an Alpha  bites the Omega’s throat, they become mates.This scar remains on Omega’s neck for the rest of the life.Although for this reason there  no change in Alpha’s life, Omega can not have sex with anyone other than Alpha who has become his partner. If will try to have sex with other males will have problems like nausea and fever.For this reason, in their normal life most Omega wander with a collar around the neck .


There  a legend that speaks of eternal love between Alpha and Omega.In this legend,  assumed that the two species will fall in love at first glance without being under hormonal influnction.The soulmates will love each other all their lives and their love never diminished.This phenomenon can only happen between Alpha and Omega. There no such thing with Beta.

Social Life :

Because Alpha is a superior breed, they usually marry each other to protect their family. Schools have special programs for them. Schools also divided into classes by species. In general, the Alpha’s takes part in positions requiring leadership, such as presidency and administration.

Betas are middle classes. Since they are the majority of society, the service sector is their field of activity.In the past, they did not interact at all with the Alpha species but after some movements of liberty and revolutions, society became modern. Even Alpha – Beta marriage has become acceptable. They also started to work in leadership positions.

Omega is the lowest group in society. Only after the invention of suppressive drugs they  gain a place in professional life.In society, there  still great prejudices against this species, they not brought into important positions and are even subject to discrimination. They work in lower-level groups.

Masters and Slaves.

This is like a world of master and slaves.However, most of our stories lie between Alpha-Omega. While talking about community repression, racism, Escalation Period , we still have really beautiful and fascinating love stories.



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