Void by Zariya Ranmaru


Void a manga written by Zaria, the well-known author of the genre yaoi.

For those who want to read this manga, soon all sections will be uploaded to the site

That is the story of a humanoid and former head of the Humanoid Rehabilitation Bureau.

Void  main characters are: Maki and the Humanoid Arata.

Void by Zariya Ranmaru
Void -yaoilover.com

Maki quit his post as director of the company that led her with his brother. The story begins 7 years after he left.

In summary the reason for giving up on job is because of an incident that Maki’s lover has died.

Ren’s death makes Maki understand that Ren loved Maki’s twin brother.

Disappointed with the betrayal of his beloved Maki, did not even participate in his funeral. He has deeply troubled by this treachery and incident for 7 years.

Void Manga first part

With intention to get Maki out of this situation, his friend Roven will give him a humanoid gift. But this is not just a humanoid pet type, in contrast it also impressed Ren’s memories.

The Umanoid has the appearance and memories of the ex-boyfriend.Because that ,Maki accepts Arata it’s just to get his revenge.

Under those circumstances after many sexual assaults on Arata, Maki begins to love him.

Because of to be sure of Arata affection, Maki will reprogram him by wiping his remaining memoirs from Ren.Maki does this, although there is a possibility that the affection of the Arata for him is due to those memories.

After 6 months after his memory was cleared, Arata would come back to prove that his feelings were real. Void manga has many harsh sex scenes. At the beginning of the story we will see the dark part of Maki’s feelings. He surprised too, at that part of his behavior.

Second part

Void yaoi manga-yaoilover.com

The next part of the manga shows us the strong love born between the two protagonists.

Void is one of the best achievements of the artist Zaria.There are many sad scenes but also a beautiful love story.





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